Comfy Pet Salon was designed for the comfort of our pets, We have three separate areas where pets can lounge or hangout before and after their grooming. Even though we take pride in getting our pets in and out within an hour or two at the most, sometimes there may be a few pets still there. 

From the moment you walk in you have full view of our salon, the grooming table, tub and drying area. We do not groom behind closed doors. We also have a waiting area if you choose to stay. We have even had some clients stay and help with their pets at times. We do get nervous or aggressive pets and they seem to do better with their owner there for moral support. Somtimes there may be a few pets still there waiting on their owners, you can rest assured that your pet has their own comfy private space and not corralled with other dogs.

You can visit our facebook page Comfy pet grooming for more pictures of our salon and we also post pictures of our pets there before and after and during their grooming. We post many different things pertaining to dogs and cats. We also post amusing and of course things that are informative from shot clinics to health and maintenance for your best friend.